Film, 22:16 min., Copenhagen, 2012

In The killing of a Danish swan, ‘D’ (Kristina Korsholm) and ‘H’ (Janus Bakrawi) are a couple composed by a Danish woman and a “new Danish” man. They are both having dreams about some kind of future and projection as a couple and maybe as a family, and in relation with the society they are living in. The film shows a babushkas-game where dreams inside dreams make a difficult interpretation of what is happening, what is real and what is not, what is part of their minds and fears and what is in fact their lack of communication.

At the same time, The killing of a Danish swan is constructed by fragments as a visual collage composed with archive files and the performance from the actors, who play as the persona they are in real life and as the character in role. The film explores the limits and the trespass of genres, playing with the documentary style (through interviews to the actors meanwhile they are performing), and a traditional fiction interpretation. There is a conceptual quote revisited along the film related to the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The ugly duckling.

The killing of a Danish swan is the first film part of The Copenhagen Trilogy project (work-in-progress).

Film poster.