CLOUDS AND BOMBS (2017-2021)

"We, humans, have a special connection to clouds. We are fascinated by them and cannot help attempting to decode them,
either to forecast the weather or just for the fun of it. We seem to recognize everything from faces to rearing horses reflected
in these formations in the sky. But certain clouds signify something different than a mere approaching rainstorm or a vivid imagination.
Those are the kind of clouds that are shaped by destruction, the kind that are pulled upwards and bloom like a mushroom after a
nuclear detonation, or furiously rise over an erupting volcano and become terrifying epitomes of nature’s immense powers. (...)" - Trine Ross

Book, hardcover, 20 x 25 cm, 19 monochrome plates, 44 pages. Paper: Munken Print White 150 g. Typeface: GT Eesti.
Published by Disko Bay. Designed by Spine Studio. Printed in Denmark by Narayan Press. Text by Danish art historian and critic Trine Ross.
First published in November 2020. Edition of 400. Published with the support from: DJ:Fotograferne - Ophavsretsfonden and Politiken-Fonden.

Installation shots from site specific at Sæby Kirke, Tro Festival 2017, Denmark, project in collaboration with the Danish artist Hanne G. (stone).

Press: Torben Weirup (DA, Denmark) / The Heavy Collective (EN, Australia) / Weekendavisen (DA, Denmark) / Paper Journal (EN, Australia) /

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