Juan Hein (b. 1971) is an Argentinian-Danish visual artist who’s photographic and film work spans across documentary, conceptual and site specific.
He is interested in exploring issues of representation, identity, language and history as they relate to the cross of cultures and the migrant experience.
He combines original, found, or archival images with snippets of text, washes of chemicals and paint, and digital collaged elements.

Hein often works in series and with gridded formats as he simultaneously generates meaning and mystery; he often shows his subjects altered and
obscured, which further rejects formal narrative perceptions.

Hein' first studies are Mass Media and Public Communications and his past as editorial photographer and editor for RollingStone magazine in
Argentina are constant references and influences in his today conceptual artworks. Hein was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since 2007 lives and
works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

(+45) 23 98 03 88
IG: @juan_hein